As pioneers of special Bible tours to Turkey (Asia Minor), we are passionate about this beautiful country. Turkey tours from South Africa offers travelers excellent value for money and exquisite scenery. Ancient ruins, cosmopolitan cities, scrumptious food and Biblical history all combine to form a memorable Christian tour of Turkey! These Bible tours of Turkey are the perfect choice if you have been on a Holy Land Tour of Israel and are looking for a new pilgrimage experience – specifically of New Testament destinations. In Turkey we visit the 7 Churches of Revelation and trace the Footsteps of Apostle Paul and the disciples. 


Watch this space for 2025 tours – updated monthly

All our Turkey Christian Tours explore the End Times and teachings of Jesus; we visit all the Biblical sites of the 7 Churches of Revelation and trace the ministry of the Disciples in Asia Minor. As we follow the journeys of the Apostle Paul, we uncover the New Testament roots of our faith in Turkey. 

Travel Icon 1 - Compact 2
Our Compact Tours to Turkey offer 2 meals a day and 3* superior hotels. These petite saver tours offer you a good experience in off-peak tourist times and slightly colder weather.
Travel Icon 2 - Comfort 3
Our Comfort Tours to Turkey offer 2 meals a day, 4* hotels and include a hot-air ballooning experience (optional). These tours are hosted in pleasant weather times.
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Our Luxury Tours to Turkey offer 3 meals a day, 4 and 5* hotels, more free time and include a hot-air ballooning experience (optional). All our Luxury Tours include a Turkish Gulet boat ride; some itineraries offer Cappadocia as well. We recommend this tour for all travellers!
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Our Deluxe Tours to Turkey offer a smaller group size, boutique 4 and 5* hotels, flexible meal options, a Turkish Gulet boat ride, and include a hot-air ballooning experience (optional) over Cappadocia and all internal flights (cutting out driving time).


  • We offer the best accommodation and meal packages on our Turkey tours. Other “cheaper” tours use old or inferior hotels (as most tourist class or 3 star hotels are actually 2 star in South African standards).
  • On our Israel and Turkey tours in 2024 & 2025, we use modern luxury airlines and  include internal domestic flights – making your drive times shorter. We use modern buses with wifi. Cheaper tours do not have wifi and their itineraries have very long bus rides (up to 8 hours a day of driving!) 
  • On our Turkey tours, we include places and experiences that other tours and Turkey tour packages do not. (These “extra special” additions make your trip so much better and amount to R3000 more FREE value).
  • We include all “hidden costs” (tipping, min 2 meals a day, etc. Always check this with other tours, as some leave tipping out and you have to add an extra R2000 to the price).
  • We price our Turkey tours on a higher exchange rate so that you (hopefully) will not need to pay in extra. Many tours advertise at a cheaper rate, but will require you to pay in extra at the last minute. Always check the exchange rate they have priced it on.
  • Our tours are chaperoned by a tour pastor and a local guide, making your experience more authentic and meaningful (many cheaper tours on the market only have a local guide).
  • We give you professional, personalised service. Many of our travellers return two or three times on other tours with JOY! Travel.