Whether you are looking to sail the aquamarine waters of Santorini on a Greece Cruise,
or explore the palaces of Russia on a Baltic Sea Cruise, or savour gelato on the gondolas of Venice on a Mediterranean Cruise, our Christian Cruises offer exciting itineraries for couples or single travellers.

When you travel with JOY! every day feels like a vacation as we take care of your holiday logistics and tour planning. Every summer we lead cruises in the Mediterranean and Europe, where we offer daily devotions, excursions, memories and guided tours. We get many repeat travellers every year cruising with us, as you make new friends, become part of our JOY! Travel family and cruise the world in safety and style! 

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Our international cruises are fully chaperoned and offer optional daily devotions with our tour pastor. We cruise new destinations each year and take a small group of travellers for a personalised, relaxed vacation.
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Our local cruises offer daily Christian seminars, worship, and teachings on board a cruise ship from Durban or Cape Town.
  • Contact our offices for updates. No local cruises scheduled at present. 


  • We offer the best value cruise packages for couples or single travellers who want a “turn key” cruise package where everything is included and there are no hidden costs or surprises. Some “cheaper” online cruises leave out airport transfer costs, city taxes, excursions and certain meals 
  • On all our international cruises we include one rest day in a 4 star hotel with a city tour included. We also include selected excursions in key ports and most importantly  – we offer suggestions of free things to do in each port to save you time and money! 
  • We chaperone every cruise, which means that we take care of all the logistics and arrangements – leaving you to relax and enjoy the ship and each port without worrying about maps / sight seeing etc. Our team spends time with you every night at dinner creating special moments together, and for those who are travelling alone – making sure you are never left out! 
  • We assist you with VISA planning and info at no extra cost, making your tour planning seamless
  • We price our tours on a higher exchange rate so that you (hopefully) will not need to pay in extra. Many tours advertise at a cheaper rate, but will require you to pay in extra at the last minute. Always check the exchange rate they have priced it on.
  • We offer optional daily devotions, worship and Christian teachings on the cruise, which enriches your cruise holiday and makes it very meaningful
  • We give you professional, personalised service. Many of our travellers return two or three times on other tours with JOY! Travel.