Below are some interesting sites that we visit on our Bible tours. We have 1st & 2nd timer Israel Tours, sometimes including Egypt or Jordan as add-on day trips or 2 day destination breakaways. Email us for more info or detailed programs.


Israel is divided into 3 main areas: The North (Galilee, Nazareth & Golan Heights), The Central Region (Jerusalem, Dead Sea, the West Bank, Bethlehem) and The South (Judea region / Negev Desert, Red Sea, Eilat). Most Christian tours will take you to The North and Central Regions, as these are where the majority of the Biblical sites are located.

On a JOY! 1st Timer tour, we will take you to all the main Bible sites and a few extra ones too! We start off at Caesarea on the Mediterranean Sea, then Mt Carmel, the Jordan River and finish at Nazareth Village. Next we proceed down to the Wilderness, where Masada, Qumran, Jericho and the Dead Sea are located. We finish the last few days of a tour in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. In Jerusalem we visit all the Biblical sites namely the Via Dolorosa, Garden of Gethsemane, Garden Tomb, Temple Mount, Mt of Olives, Golgotha, The Old City and more.

The Old City of Jerusalem (which is one of the most fascinating and eclectic places in the world) is divided into 4 quarters, Jewish Quarter, Armenian Quarter, Christian Quarter and Muslim Quarter. Each quadrant houses various Biblical spots and we take you past all of these – always using audio headsets so that you don’t miss out on anything the guide says!

Other Biblical destinations that you will see on a JOY! 2nd Timer tour include (in the Central and Southern Regions): Samaria (Jacob’s Well, Shiloh) and Judea. The Wilderness Tabernacle, a Bedouin Tent experience in the Negev Desert, and The Valley of Elah (where David beat Goliath). Occasionally we  include Lazarus’ Tomb, Mary and Martha’s House in Bethany and the Valley of the Shadow of Death near Jericho. In the Southern region we also take you to Eilat and Petra. In Jerusalem you will get free time to explore the city, as well as visit Mahane Yahuda Market (a food and spice market where locals shop), the famous Ben Yahuda Street, the Jewish Quarter and 3rd Temple Institute and more. You will experience a Shabbat Dinner and interact with locals. In the Northern Region we finish our tour with time in the Golan Heights, Caesarea Phillipi, the Fortress of Nimrod and Jaffa (Joppa) port area and the Way of Emmaus – all of huge Biblical significance.


Most Christians do not realize that Turkey is of huge Biblical significance. Paul was born here in Tarsus, Mary (mother of Jesus) lived here after his death with the Apostle John in Ephesus. Timothy, Barnabus, Apollos, Peter and Paul all ministered in Turkey (known in Bible Times as Asia Minor). The Ark rested on Mt Ararat found in East Turkey.

Then of course, all 7 Churches of Revelation are found in Turkey on the Western side. Our Bible tours take you to all 7 sites namely: Laodecia (the Lukewarm Church), Smyrna (the Suffering or Persecuted Church), Sardis (the Dead Church), Philadelphia (the Faithful Church), Ephesus (the Loveless Church), Pergamum (the Compromising Church and seat of Satan) and Thyatira (the Tolerant and Corrupt Church of heresy).

Some of our Turkey tours include a visit to Cappadocia (the famous world heritage site with moon-like rock formations) and Bodrum (a Greek-style village town). Some tours also include a side-trip to Patmos, the island where Apostle John was exiled and wrote the book of Revelation.

Our tours also include a gorgeous day trip on a Turkish Gulet and a chance to swim in the Aegean Sea and enjoy a barbeque lunch on board the boat!


Jordan borders Israel along its Western border (bank) and at present is a “friendly” neighbour to Israel. All the land of Jordan (the Kingdom of Moab and Edom) was included in the Promised Land borders given to the Israelites. There are not too many Biblical sites in Jordan today, but on some of our tours we include a visit to this land of Esau and Middle-Eastern country.

In Northern Jordan you will find Mt Nebo – the famous mountain where Moses viewed the Promised Land that he was forbidden to enter. We take you up to this vantage point on our tour. You will also visit the capital city of Amman and Jersash (a decapolis city of Rome) and a pottery factory (as Jordan is known for quality ceramics).

Perhaps the most famous site in Jordan is Petra – the rose coloured rock formations (caused by the Great Flood of Noah) where the Nabetean People lived…and where it is prophesied some Jewish tribes will flee to during The Tribulation. Petra is most easily accessed via the Southern Border of Eilat and involves a lot of walking in the sun.


Bordering Israel to the East along the Sinai Desert (where the Israelites started the great Exodus) , Egypt holds much Biblical significance. Not only the dominant super-power during the time of the Israelites who were slaves there, Egypt is also the region where Joseph was in captivity (and later, in leadership) and where Moses was raised in Pharaoh’s palace. Egypt was also the place that Mary and Joseph escaped with baby Jesus to avoid death by Herod who issued a decree in Israel to kill all first born males.

Some of our tours to Israel 2023 include a day trip in Egypt where you will visit the Great Pyramids (which were around during the Israelite captivity), the Sphinx and the Coptic Churches (the oldest Christian denomination in the world). Your tour finishes with a Nile River felucca cruise and traditional lunch.

We are currently planning Egypt Old Testament Tours 2023 include a day trip in Egypt where you will visit the Great Pyramids (which were around during the Israelite captivity), the Sphinx and the Coptic Churches (the oldest Christian denomination in the world). Your tour finishes with a Nile River felucca cruise and traditional lunch.


Greece has long been regarded as a main focus area of the Apostle Paul’s ministry. Interestingly though, he spent more time in Turkey establishing the churches there, than in Greece.

However, Greece does feature a few key Biblical sites such as Mars Hill in Athens (where Paul preached about the “unknown god”) and the Acropolis. It is also the site of Corinth (the gifted but immoral church of 1 and 2 Corinthians) and Thessaloniki (the site of 1 and 2  Thessalonians, the church Paul established). The Philippian Church is also found in Greece in the area of Philippi.

Our Greece Bible Cruise takes you to several of these Biblical destinations, where you will receive relevant teaching and worship. Our Luxury Cruise departs from Athens and also stops at several Greek islands, namely Patmos (the site of the Book of Revelation), Mykonos, Santorini and Crete. This is a very popular tour and we only do it every other year, so email our office to be added to the database for updates!