Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out more about a specific tour?

On our website we have specific pages dedicated to Israel tours / Turkey tours etc. If you click on this page you will find different dates and tour options. All our JOY! tours are LUXURY tour packages and are superior in the market.

How do I register for a tour?

Fill In the registration form and sign on the page where you acknowledge the terms and conditions and send a scanned copy to us on email or whats app a picture of the signed form to 076 880 1542. Please include a proof of payment for your deposit. A registration can only be completed once deposit payment is made.

Do I need a valid passport to register for a tour?

You will need a valid passport to travel on a tour – however you do not need to submit a passport copy to register for a tour (only your signed form). We do urge you to supply your passport copy via scan email or whats app as soon as possible. If you still need to apply for a passport, we encourage you to book your place on the tour so long and go get a passport from Home Affairs as soon as possible (as it can take from 1 week to 3 months depending on a backlog).

How do I pay for my tour?

To join a tour, you need to pay a deposit to secure your place, and a second deposit one month later to secure your air ticket. Final payment of a tour is due no less than 75 days prior to departure. You can pay your whole tour price upfront in full via EFT if you wish (and thereby “lockdown” your tour price) or you can pay the deposits as specified above (with the final tour price being subject to the ROE on the final invoice date). You must pay for your tour via EFT. We discourage cash deposits as any cash deposit fees charged by the bank will accrue to your account. If you pay by credit card you will be liable for the merchant fee charge (approx. 3.5%). We do arrange payment plans for clients who wish to pay in installments.

I don't have a roommate / friend to travel with. What now?

A tour is priced per person sharing; if you do not have a travel buddy to share with, we will do our best to find you a roommate of the same sex to share with. If we (or you) cannot find a roommate, you will be liable for a single supplement fee. If you prefer your own room, you can book a single room at an additional supplement fee imposed by the hotels. The fee varies per tour (hotel) and is available upon request from our office.

Do the tours incur heavy walking?

Most of our tours to Israel, Turkey, Greece, Europe and Egypt involve a fair (but easy paced) amount of walking each day. We encourage travellers to start walking in advance to improve fitness and to bring anti-inflammatory and pain medication in case you struggle. If the walking is too much on a tour, we can provide taxi services on site (for your own account) but most people cope with the pace. We host an “easy walking / seniors tour’ every year for Israel departures. Please see our website or email for an itinerary.

Will I need a COVID-19 vaccine to be allowed to travel internationally in the future?

At this stage most countries do not require vaccination proof to enter.

Will I need to take a COVID-19 test prior to departing South Africa on a JOY! Tour?

At present, most countries do not require a COVID-19 test to enter.

Why do you recommend travel insurance when I join a tour?

On most of our tours we include group travel insurance up to 69 years of age. Travel insurance is vital in this ever-changing world as it covers a range of possible unforeseen circumstances such as medical issues, lost luggage, missed flights etc. Each travel insurance policy differs in what it may cover, so we encourage you to read through the brochures carefully and decide if you wish to buy a “top up” policy or purchase your own comprehensive cover policy. On a JOY! Tour, if group insurance cover is included, it is very comprehensive – but if you have concerns you can speak to our insurer for more detail. If you are over 69 years of age, you can purchase a “senior” insurance policy through our offices that will cover your age bracket.

I belong to a medical aid, can I just get cover from them?

Travel insurance and medical insurance are two different things. Travel insurance includes medical insurance (hospitalisation / medical treatment in a foreign country / medical evacuation etc) and it also includes travel cover such as lost luggage / missed connection or flights / costs arising from delayed flights etc. Though we do recommend travel insurance for every passenger, if you want to save costs and your medical aid will cover you internationally for free, this will suffice – but remember to check all the terms and conditions carefully to make sure your medical aid cover is sufficient internationally. At present you do not have to have any form of cover to travel to Israel or Turkey on a group tour, but it is strongly suggested as you will incur massive costs in a foreign country if you have no cover at all. Joy Christian Travel PTY Ltd accepts no liability, costs or damages for any client who has no travel or medical insurance / insufficient travel or medical insurance cover.

Will travel insurance cover my costs if I decide to cancel my tour out of fear to travel / disinclination to travel?

Most travel insurances will not cover disinclination or fear to travel – and the included group cover on our JOY! Tours will certainly not cover this. The exception with insurance cover is a ‘cancel for any reason’ (CFAR) insurance. This is usually available as an optional upgrade to a standard travel insurance plan and may cost up to 50% more than a standard plan. It usually has to be purchased / activated from 48 hours to one week from the time you pay your initial deposit. CFAR insurance can cover you for 50-75% of your total travel costs. However, CFAR is not yet a common insurance product in South Africa and there is much fine-print involved.

What are the cancellation charges for a JOY! Tour?

We have standard Terms and Conditions for travel that are attached to each tour registration form when you download a tour itinerary from our website or receive it via email. When you book a tour with JOY! you must sign and acknowledge these conditions for travel for legal purposes. We always endeavour to offer fair terms and conditions regarding cancellations or postponements of travel plans for a passenger, however we are often bound by the terms and conditions of the suppliers (airlines and hotels).