1-9 September 2020

Thank you for your enquiry on our 2019 tour to Israel. JOY! really does take the best luxury trips to Israel and everyone has a very blessed time with lifelong memories. Below and attached please find our September programme, together with a registration form.


Time is certainly running out to visit the Middle East, so we encourage you to start saving now and book your place! A non-refundable deposit of R4000 pp is due upon booking and registration (to secure your air ticket). A further deposit of R3500pp is due one month later. Final payment due 25 June 2019.

Please note the following - The 9 day JOY! Tour to Israel in September includes (which other cheaper tours do not include in the price, or even offer as an option):

  • 4 star accommodation and luxury tour bus with free wifi
  • All entrance fees/baggage tipping etc
  • Breakfast and dinner daily
  • Travel insurance up to 75 years*
  • A half day trip to the Nazareth village -  nazarethvillage.com
  • Free gifts and JOY! magazine for every traveller
  • A STUNNING special evening show in the Old City
  • Travel with the managing editor of JOY! and meet our team. Receive Biblical teaching and have fun.


  1. We take luxury trips, you stay in top accommodation (always check the level of hotels with another “cheaper” trip)
  2. We use modern airlines and buses (the cheaper ones use older airlines and older buses)
  3. We include places that other tours do not (these “extra special” additions make your trip so much better and amount to R3000 more FREE value)
  4. We include all “hidden costs” (tipping, 2 meals a day, etc. Always check this with other tours, as some leave tipping out and you have to add an extra R2000 to the price)
  5. We give you professional, personalised service. Many of our travellers return two or three times on other tours with JOY! Magazine

* Please note new passport rule: You must have 6 empty pages in your passport to enter Israel.

* Children under 18 must travel with an unabridged birth certificate.

Do call me if you have any questions; if you have any trouble with the deposit deadlines, please chat to me, as we would hate to have anyone miss out.

Please note we are taking a limited amount of people. Bookings on a first come first serve basis.


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